What is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is the process of reaching your own business target market through the use of a blog. At Initially days, business owners had a blog separate from their websites, but today, you can easily integrate the two to make it easier for you to manage, as well as easier for visitors to access. There are many business owners use a blogging platform, such as WordPress, for both their website and blog. Blogging has gained more popularity, many people have created businesses from blogging.

The Pros of Blog Marketing

  1. Inexpensive to Start and Run

While there are free blogging platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress.com, to maintain a professional appearance that allows for your unique brand to shine through, use a self-hosted option, such as WordPress.org. For the cost of a domain and web hosting, you can have a customized blog marketing for you.

     2. Easy to Use

Most blogging platforms are simple to use. If you can copy, paste, type, drag & drop and upload, you can have a professional looking blog.

     3. An Effective Way to have Bi-directional Traffic Come to Your Site :

Offering tips, updates, and other new contents give people a reason to come and return to your business website, which gives them the opportunity to buy.

    4: Improves Search Engine Ranking: Google, in particular, likes to find and rank new content, and many entrepreneurs use blogging specifically for search engine optimization (SEO)

     5. To Gain Trust and Credibility with Your Market: People like to know who they’re doing business with. With a blog, you can prove you’re an expert, provides tips and other valuable information, all of which help consumers feel good about spending money on your product or service.

     6. Connect with Your Market: While most businesses now use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social platforms more than blogs for engagement, blogs can allow you to have a conversation with your market. This gives you the opportunity to build trust and rapport, as well as get feedback and provide customer service.

The Cons of Blog Marketing

  1. Time-Consuming: Creating new content and updating your blog can take a significant amount of time. Hiring freelance writers and a virtual assistant, or using private label right content can help.
  2. Needs a Constant Stream of Ideas: Having something new blog about is one of the biggest challenges bloggers face in marketing content.
  3. It Can Take Time to See Results: The Internet is overloaded with information, so getting people to your blog takes time.

You are using the blog to market your business, but for it to work, people need to know about it, which means you have to find your target market and entice them to your blog.

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