Shrex Design Covid 19

Coronavirus Update

To Our Clients, Partners, Vendors and Loved Ones!

We hope you, your family, both at work and home, are safe. We are tested by an untimely outbreak of unfortunate events. Few folks are enjoying their time in the lockdown, some are seeking the light outside. Our teams have taken a hit too! We are glad and relieved to inform you that no member of the core or extended team of Shrex Design has been affected or has come in close contact with infected personnel. We are secure. However, we are bound within the walls of our houses.

Shrex Group has ordered all personnel to practice telecommuting up to April 20, 2020, and a possible extension of up to April 30 if deemed necessary. In the light of the directive of our parent company and the Government of India, Shrex Design’s 70% workforce is working from home while others are on paid leave.

This ensures our safety but brings unprecedented challenges. We are creative folks, we feed off each other’s creative energies and assemble something truly remarkable whilst staring at each other in the eye. The confinement is testing our love for it.

What does this mean for YOU? We are still committed to our mission and we shall serve you to the best of our ability. You can rest assured that the work will NOT STOP! We shall push till we put it all together. Due to infrastructural issues like internet speed, mobile network strength and time-bound issues like scheduling conflicts, we are experiencing a slowdown. We would like to inform you that until the lockdown continues, we shall only serve existing clients with recurring activities. No new client or activity shall be taken up after March 25, 2020, 5 PM Onwards. We shall prioritize and deliver the tasks critical to your business.

COMMUNICATION: We understand you love talking to us. However, we are overwhelmed with calls right now from various people and it has become increasingly difficult to do justice to all. In order to serve you well, we have devised a communication policy for the lockdown period. All regular communications will be done over the Email or WhatsApp. You may call us if there is an emergency but otherwise, we’d love to read your written words. We hope you understand this is for the best of us.

Each prolonged activity initiates a domino effect but we are working to improve and cope up with these uncertain times. On behalf of the Chairman and President of Shrex Group, the Senior Management and everyone in the Shrex Family, we request your support. We understand that these are critical times for your business and so is it for us. Let us join hands and come together. Let us fight and stay strong and most importantly, let’s keep creating positive experiences. We would like to leave you with words of Martin Luther King Jr., an epitome of resilience –

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Yours in Experiences,
Team Shrex Design

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