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Blog Refresh Notice – Awesome Soon!

While the world is fighting the pandemic – covid-19, somebody thought it would be funny to mess with our blog. Our primary database was injected with a faulty line of code by a third party resulting in the corruption of data.

As we combat this issue, we had to reset our blog and delete all the posts previously made. We lost hundreds of awesomely written articles by our team in the course of 4 years. We are in the process of restoring what we can but the situation appears to be gloomy.

We apologize to our readers who lost some great reference materials and to big brother, Google, you will get a lot of 404 hits. We can’t do a lot now but only hope to restore what we can.

In condemnation of this unethical act, here’s what our Managing Director had to say:

I woke up this morning with a message from my team that we had lost our blog posts to an unethical act of cyber vandalism. It is really frustrating and deeply saddening that such unruly acts continue despite a global health crisis. However, I would like to assure all our National & International clients that your data was not even touched. We practice enterprise-grade security for client files and all essential data. The server and database hosting the blog have no correlation to our main file storage. We are committed to serving you with utmost honesty and by upholding our ridiculously high privacy standards. We will bounce back, better and stronger.

– Rex Pereira, Managing Director

We don’t have a lot to say here but we’d like to assure everyone associated with us that no files or security were affected besides the blog. It is operations as usual.

One last thing, to the folks who like to mess with us, there is one thing we’d like to tell you – F**K OFF!

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