5 Easy Tips Of Google Adwords For Small Business

Google AdWords is one of the most effective advertising systems in which advertisers bid their clickable ads using certain keywords in order to appear in Google’s search results. That way, it gives businesses an easy way to reach their potential customers, increase website traffic and traffic to your store, and ultimately increase profit.

As a small business, you’re competing with all the experienced SEO experts to get those sought-after organic top ten search results. Hence, here are five simple tips for you.

1. Make Your Landing Page Relevant

If you’ve ever tried running a Google ad campaign before, you know that Google considers looking at your landing page and rates it. If your landing page provides relevancy, consistency, and ease of navigation. Google will likely put your ad at the top of the first page of Google or on relevant searches. That means your potential customers can find your ad easily and make a sale, not just a click. Make sure to optimize your landing page and align it up with your ad campaign and keywords to increase your click-through and conversion rates while lowering your CPC.

To optimize your landing page, make it relevant, useful and unique. Once a visitor clicks on your ad, make sure your landing page quickly shows the benefits of your offer to your customers with an obvious Call-to-Action. Keep it above the fold.

2. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are a type of keyword that specifies what keywords are not a good fit for your product or service. They are keywords that are the actual opposite of your keywords. This can increase your click-through rates, by not showing your ads on keyword searches that don’t match with the intent of your customers.

Negative keywords are a more advanced method to tell Google what your product and service is not and target the right market. They’re also extremely effective to conserve your ad budget.

3. Use the Right Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important elements of your Ads. They are the foundation of any AdWords campaign. Whenever someone types in a search query into Google, AdWords displays an ad accordingly based on how relevant the auction system considers the search term.

They are how to tell Google when to show your Ad, and they can make or break whether your Ad gets seen by your potential customer or not. Google likes keywords and keyword phrases that are highly relevant to your business, your ad campaign, your ad copy, and your campaign landing page. The more specific and tied in they are, the more Google will reward you.

There are a lot of methods for choosing your keywords, here are a few:

Select from Google’s keyword selections for you

When you create your Ad, Google crawls your campaign landing page pretty quick and shows keyword selections for you. This is resulting from your ad copy and landing pages.

Think like your customer.

When you are in a keyword planning stage, think as your customers think.

The better you can match their web search, the better returns your ads campaigns will bring. To make it easier for you, you can search for your potential customers on social media sites to understand them more or visit the online forums where your customers hang out to what problems they are looking for answers with.

4. Include Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are an essential feature in Google AdWords that work to improve overall metrics. One advantage of Ad extensions is that it can be enhanced the way you tell your brand’s story while offering valuable information to your customers.

Ad Extensions expand your ad with additional information such as location information, your phone number, links to your site’s landing pages and more. Adding extensions can be done manually and sometime Google will include automatic extensions to your ad based on the information derived from your AdWords account.

5. Run Responsive Ads

Customers use different devices but many customers nowadays are using mobile devices. However, Google allows advertisers to choose the “all devices” option or change your device targeting after you’ve created your campaign. You can always target your campaigns to drive more traffic from particular devices such as computers, mobile devices, or tablets. According to what device you choose, your ad image will automatically adjust its size, appearance, and format to fit any available ad space. Hence, It gives you the most comprehensive Ad coverage for all viewers.

Google AdWords campaign can make a lot of money for business owners if planned and implemented properly. Since you only pay for each click on your ads, try out these simple methods to grow your business and improve your business profits.

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