Businesses looking to make changes usually have a single challenge in mind they may claim they need to improve their Facebook presence or their search engine rankings, but the truth is that the core problem they are trying to solve problems much deeper than these one-off tactics. They don’t need a bigger Twitter following; a) they need more traffic. b) They don’t need a website redesign to attract more customers; they need compelling content behind landing pages to generate leads. c) They need analysis to know how to react to changes and maintain flexibility.

Not every business has the time or energy to fully commit to a process that will get them where they want to be with their sales funnel. 

A proper marketing assessment includes an audit of your current marketing efforts and a conversation that allows you to be educated on the benefits of doing things differently or in a better way. The 4 stages of gaining new customers with a modern approach are as follows:

1. Attract strangers and turn them as visitors to your business

Start with a proper SEO and marketing strategy and a blog with useful content. Use social media and create content connected to what your customers are already looking for. Remember, the customer is in charge now more than ever, and many come well-armed with the information long before they make physical or actual contact with your business.

2. Convert these strangers and visitors into leads generations 

Make it easy for your business or brand visitors to connect with you. Start by not hiding your “contact” page out of fear of getting too much spam. Have a call to action that guides them into leads. Create simple forms that can be filled out quickly when their interest is highest. If you can, give them the chance to act and buy on impulse.

3. Close the leads by turning them into customers 

 Score the lead to make sure it’s whom you want to do business with and create the workflow necessary to complete the transaction. Communicate with them through a proper integration with your CRM.

4. Delight your customers and turn them into your promoters 

 Use social media that maintain their loyalty and gives them a chance to be advocates on your behalf.

Any business or executive who sees marketing as a way of achieving growth needs to understand that it is an ongoing process that requires incessant experimentation, testing, and optimization.

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