The good news is that by utilizing social listening – which is a social media strategy by which you can track, analyze and respond to brand and industry-related conversations online – it is very possible to get that kind of information. Social media intelligence helps you turn insights into substantive opportunities that will maximize your social media reach, engagement, and results; but it takes more than social listening – you need the right tools and an actionable plan to actually get to that success.

Here’s how you can take maximum the advantage of social listening:

  1. Utilize Free Tools
    Hootsuite is a fantastic tool. You may already be using it to schedule your posts but it can also provide insights into engagement on your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. BuzzSumo is another great tool which performs dually as a content research platform as well as a tool for analyzing post-performance.
    To get the most out of these tools, spend time going over the analytics. Who is engaging the most with your content? How are they engaging with it – are they sharing it, liking or it posting questions in the comments? Find out what questions are being asked to you and how you can add value or provide solutions.
  2. Respond in Real-Time
    Every company sometimes makes mistakes in their strategy. Maybe your strategy didn’t play out the way you hoped or thought it would and these mistakes can earn you some negative backlash.
    The way to deal with a situation like that is to identify your mistake and rectify it as soon as possible, utilizing social listening. Knowing what people are saying is the fastest way of finding a solution to fix the problem.
  3. Keeping Up With The Competition
    Social listening is not only a great way to find out what your prospective clients want and need but is also a great way to keep an eye on your competition. How active are they in online conversations? Are they responsive and quick to provide solutions? Is there something you can provide that they are falling short in?
  4. Engage With Your Loyal Customers
    Many brands these days pay influencers to promote their products and, although that can be effective, don’t forget that your loyal customers are already doing it for free and have been for a long time. These are people who fully believe in and back your brand; who have been using your products for years and will be for many more to come. These fans are one of your greatest assets. Appreciate them by responding promptly to them and taking action when they are disappointed. It’s the best way to keep them.

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