3 Benefits of Online Reputation Marketing

Online reputation management, or ORM, is the process of taking control of the online conversation, through strategic marketing, SEO auditing, and social media strategies. Online reputation management is about using specific techniques and strategies to make sure that people see the right things when they look for you on the internet. Here, are some benefits of online reputation management.

  1. Customer Engagement: People often choose to voice their grievances on forums or social media. You could easily lose their business and potentially the business of prospective customers who may see their posts, videos, and/or comments. ORM helps provide a way to let happy customers know how much you appreciate them and let unhappy customers know how much you care. It also shows future customers that while every transaction may not always be perfect, you won’t stop working until you have earned their complete satisfaction.
  2. Brand Management: ORM is a fantastic way to help control the online narrative about your business. Negative reports and information can do tremendous damage to your company’s sales. However, positive reviews can show you areas in which your company excels that aren’t always reflected in your internal analytics. Effectively managing the bad reports and accentuating the positive will help demonstrate to future customers the values upon which your company was founded.
  3. Business Optimization: ORM can benefit many other aspects of your business. Improvements could be applied to areas of weakness and areas of strength need to be fortified. Customer service enhancements must be made. Marketing campaigns should be structured to suit the needs of the target audience. Additional streams of income can be identified. You can even spot competitive advantages you have over your competition and use that to better serve your customer base while potentially growing your market share as well.

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