Shrex Design

Client's success and an innovatively honest approach - that's what we care for.

About Us

The Dawn of the New Creative.

It all started in 2016 when we felt India was deprived of Good Design and Independent Creative Houses. Shrex Design was built on the founding principles of revolutionizing how consumers experience products and services. We care about just two things, our principles and our customers. We don’t bulls**t our clients and we deliver honesty before we deliver our work. It is not just about a project for us, we live inside what we create. Our job is not making the next best looking website but an incredible overall experience. While we can tell a lot about ourselves, we prefer our work to do the talking. Read our Founding Story here.

Stand Tall. Stand Differently.

What Do We Stand For?

While we can call our selves the 'Che Guevara of Creativity,' we do charge you some money for the work we do. So for now, let us just stick to our vision of emancipating individual and organizations from the inefficient stereotypes of growth. You can say that we are on a mission (because we really are!) to craft experiences that spread happiness. What more can you expect?

2017 Year
Moral Compass

Core Values

If you know anything about us by now, you know we are brutally honest. Does that scare away some people? Hell, yeah! What makes it even more interesting is that we are super bold. This essentially means that we will be the first ones to address that elephant in the room. With our extreme proximity to truth, we are the ones who dare to the break the glass walls and take the plunge into revolution. That is why we are innovatively honest and bold. Our approach has always worked for us and our client and have garnered results that were beyond reproach.

Our Services.

When we make, the world notices.

Branding and Marketing

We craft strategies to tell your stories.
Social Media
We grow your social media and web presence.
Digital Strategies
Near perfect digital marketing strategy based on analytics and AI.
We don't make ads that sell, we create needs.
Media Buying
Your Strategy, Our Placements.


The next best experience can be yours.
Web Development
There's nothing we can't put on the screen.
Mobile Experiences
From creative push notification to mobile apps, we do it all.
Branding Materials
In support of our branding services, we accompany it with great creatives.
Motion Graphics
Videos, promos, graphics and more.


Business Advisory
Strategies to grow your business.
Technology Advisory
Improving technologies within and across organizations.
Design and Media
You know, we specialize in that.
Retail and E-commerce
Sales should never shop.
Business Development
We're awesome with people. Our clients can vouch for that.